New Name for K-Mart Shopping Center

by Richard Baker in Commercial architecture | April 28, 2016

Siteline Architecture has completed work with Mesa Property Management LLC of Newport Beach, California on rebranding and monument signs for the K-Mart shopping area on McKnight Way in Grass Valley. The shopping center has been re-named McKnight Crossing and new monument signs will be installed during the summer of 2016.

Andrew J. Pawlowski of Siteline Architecture, who represented the applicants of the shopping facility during the The City of Grass Valley City Council meeting, told The Union in an interview earlier this year that the signage would help identify the center as “McKnight Crossing,” because the center is commonly referred to as the K-Mart Shopping Center in the community. This rebranding provides a meaningful designation for a key shopping district in Nevada County.

Now approved, the new shopping center identification sign will be erected at the intersection between McKnight Way and Taylorville Road. An existing sign is located approximately 150 feet south of the proposed sign. Working drawings are now being produced by Siteline Architecture.

“It is still exciting to me to apply design to improving the community we live in. McKnight Crossing rebranding, signage and future finishing and color planning will significantly enhance this key shopping area.” states Pawlowski, Siteline Architecture partner.

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